Vision English Basic Words 1

Learn English words easily, quickly and intuitively through pictures, movies and sound. You first learn words grouped by scenes, and then learn them by heart by challenging quizzes.

** Word choice quiz is the easiest way to remember words quickly. All you have to do is to pick the right word out of three choices.

** Spell choice quiz helps you remember the correct spelling of the words.

** Then you make your memory perfect with Spelling quiz.

** Guess quiz adds knowledge about each word.

** Once you successfully completed a quiz, it is taken out of the menu. Therefore, you can focus on the quizzes you have not finished yet.

About 20 words are grouped in one scene with common theme. Scenes are like Beach, Hotel, Italy, China, Face, Body parts, Zoo, World map, Fruit, Vegetable, Letter and so forth. It takes only two minutes to learn 20 words in one scene.

You can learn in your spare time at home or while traveling on the bus and train. The pictures and movies were taken all over the world. Therefore, you will learn about foreign countries as well while building up your word power.

Once you learn words, you will never forget them. Because they are fixed in your brain with pictures, movies, sounds and the connecting themes. Vision English is the ideal way for you to learn English quickly.

英語脳トレーナー 基礎単語編 1


** Word choiceクイズは、写真を見て、3つの言葉から正しいものを選ぶという簡単なクイズで、記憶が正しいかどうかを素早くチェックできます。

** Spell choiceクイズは、2つのスペルのうち正しいものを選択するクイズで、スペルを覚えると共に、よくあるスペルの間違いにあらかじめ注意することができます。

** Spellingクイズでは、キーボードからスペルを入力することで、記憶が完全なものかどうかチェックできます。

** Guessクイズは、連想クイズで言葉に対する理解を深めます。


およそ20語が、ひとつのシーンにまとめられ、わずか2分で20語を覚えられます。各シーンはBeach, Hotel, Italy, China, Face, Body parts, Zoo, World map, Fruit, Vegetable, Letter他といった具合に、シーンごとのテーマで言葉を関連付ける役割をしています。